Tim McGraw Straw Hat by Bullhide Hats

Tim McGraw Straw Hat by Bullhide Hats

This hat is known by many fans to be worn by Tim McGraw.  This is a shapeable shantung panama straw cowboy hat by Bullhide.  Usually in stock.

Flexible straw hat,

Cloth sweatband.

4 1/4 inch crown.

4 inch shapeable brim.

Matching 2-ply hat band.

50X quality.

Color:  Black.

Our Price$69.99
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Bullhide Star Central Straw Cowboy Hat Black
View This best seller from Bullhide is a Genuine panama straw hat with a 4 3/8" Cattleman crown and a 3 7/8" shapeable brim.  The pieced leather hat band features a star concho in front.  Includes chin cord.  Best seller!

Material:  Genuine panama straw.

4 3/8" Cattleman crown.

3 7/8" shapeable brim.

Leather hat band with concho.

Chin cord.

Colors:  Black

Sizes:  Small, Medium, Large, Extra large.

Usually ships within 2 days Continental USA. Other locations may take up to 14 days.

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